Marijuana Possession in Pennsylvania

Up to 50 % from the states within the U.S. have enacted laws and regulations that legalize medicinal marijuana. As the dates of passage, possession limits, and connected charges vary, 23 states and also the District of Columbia have approved legislative measures that provide medical utilization of cannabis.

In September 2014, the Pennsylvania Condition Senate voted 43-7 pass Senate Bill 1182, an action that will offer the medical utilization of cannabis within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As the condition House of Representatives has yet to consider that measure, the town of Philadelphia introduced a brand new fine structure later that largely decriminalized marijuana possession. Rather to be arrested and facing criminal charges, an individual owning 30 grams or fewer of marijuana will be issued a civil citation for $25 and anybody smoking cannabis in public places is going to be fined $100.

Regardless of the many signs the day is nearing when having marijuana is going to be legal throughout Pennsylvania, you should keep in mind that “marijuana” remains an agenda I substance underneath the state’s Controlled Substance, Drug, Tool and Cosmetic Act. Which means that an individual who is charged of possessing, cultivating, or selling or disbursing this drug outdoors Philadelphia’s city limits can continue to face extended relation to jail time and incredibly heavy fines.

Under current law, an individual charged of cannabis possession the very first time could be qualified for conditional release, by which she or he receives as much as twelve months probation instead of incarceration. However, another or subsequent possession conviction may also result in double penalties. As it requires marijuana possession, the potential effects of the conviction in Pennsylvania rely on the quantity where the alleged offender is billed with getting:

30 grams or fewer – Misdemeanor punishable by as much as thirty days in prison along with a $500 fine

Greater than 30 grams – Misdemeanor punishable by as much as twelve months in prison along with a $5,000 fine

The purchase or distribution of cannabis is another misdemeanor punishable by as much as thirty days in prison along with a $500 fine when the amount involved is 30 grams or fewer. However, charges could be substantially elevated if an individual is charged of possession with intent to provide (PWID) a sum greater than 30 grams:

A minimum of two pounds, but under ten pounds – Legal punishable by mandatory the least twelve months imprisonment and $5,000 fine

A minimum of ten pounds, but under 50 pounds – Legal punishable by mandatory the least 3 years imprisonment and $25,000 fine

A minimum of 50 pounds, but under 1,000 pounds – Legal punishable by as much as 5 years imprisonment and $25,000 fine

1,000 pounds or even more – Legal punishable by as much as ten years imprisonment and $100,000 fine

Furthermore, an individual charged of promoting or disbursing marijuana within 1,000 ft of the school or within 250 ft of recreational playground can face lengthier prison sentences, and penalties might be bending when the alleged offender includes a previous drug conviction or the newest conviction involved supplying a small.

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